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Facing Foreclosure

We have options if you are unable to remain in your home.

Deed In Lieu. A deed is a legal document that provides a record of ownership for a particular property. By signing over the deed instead (in lieu) of experiencing foreclosure, you are transferring ownership to CitiMortgage. Once the Deed In Lieu is completed, you are released from your mortgage obligation to CitiMortgage. This may be available if you owe more than your property's market value.

Short Sale. If you are experiencing financial hardship, the property may be sold at less than what you owe on the existing mortgage.

You may be eligible for a Short Sale if you can answer "yes" to these questions:

  • Are you more than 29 days late on your payment, or are you in imminent danger of becoming late on your payment (based on your financial situation)?
  • Is your home worth less than what you owe on your mortgage?

Note: There may be other detailed eligibility requirements.

Depending upon your situation, you may need one or more of these documents:

  • Letter of Authorization (to speak with your real estate agent)
  • Listing agreement

You may also be asked for other documents such as tax returns, bank statements and income sources.

We know it can be difficult to understand all of these options and figure out the best solution. However, the more you know, the better informed you will be when making a decision regarding your home.

Steps to Decrease the Financial Impact of Foreclosure
Even if you are not able to keep your home, all is not lost. You can still decrease the financial impact of foreclosure. It is important to work with CitiMortgage to take the right steps. Read more.

Writing a Hardship Letter
Your hardship letter helps CitiMortgage evaluate your situation and find the appropriate solution based on your intent, income, loan and circumstances. Read more.

How to Avoid Scams
To avoid challenges and obstacles along the path to preventing foreclosure, consider the help of a professional HUD, state, or other not for profit representatives. Read more.

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